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Healthy & Active

In this PvP (player versus player) tag-style game, participants will run around and attempt to steal the tail of another player, all while avoiding having theirs stolen.  


  • Pinnies or pieces of fabric


A game of tag where everyone is it.


  1. Distribute the pinnies or pieces of fabric to each participant and instruct them to stuff it into the side of their pants, leaving about half of the fabric visible. These are their tails.
  2. On the facilitator’s signal to begin, participants will run around and attempt to steal the tail of another player and avoid getting theirs stolen. Players cannot hold onto or permanently secure their tails; they must be visible, grabbable, and removable by other players.
  3. If a player manages to steal a tail, s/he also stuffs the tail into their pants and continues playing. Players can only steal one tail at a time.
  4. If a player has a tail stolen, but they still have others, they continue playing as normal.
  5. If a player has his/her only tail stolen, they must stop in the place it was stolen from, hand over their tail, and remain there until they manage to steal a tail from other passing-by players. Successful stealing allows them to return to the active part of the game with a new tail.
  6. Play as many rounds as you like. The player with the most tails wins.


  • Instead of having players stand in place and capture tails to regain active play, consider having them complete a predetermined set of physical actions (ie. 10 jumping jacks or hop 5 times), that will allow them to rejoin the game and have a chance at collecting a tail.
  • Distribute a handful of hula hoops on the ground throughout the playing space. Each time a tail is stolen, the tail is dropped to the ground (the stealing player earns a point) and the player moves to the nearest hula hoop. In order to regain active play, a player with a tail still, must pick up any stolen tail from the floor and give it to a player within a hoop.


  • Clearly identify the boundaries before beginning.
  • Encourage participants to be careful while running so as not to bump into each other.


  • Was it easier to steal a tail or avoid having yours stolen?
  • Did you forget to protect your tail because you were focused on stealing others? Vice versa?v

Modified version with hula hoops obtained from: https://www.pegames.org/full-length/tails