150 Days of Programming

150 Days of Programming was designed for frontline workers of critical hours programs to assist them in easily integrating quality, skill-building activities into their programming. The entirety of the activities and resources are hosted on this unique website, allowing 24/7 access. Having an autonomous web presence for such a resource provides each program with the flexibility to incorporate into programs as each deems fit. As well, a guidebook and the associated template resources are available for download and printing.


This work was developed by and is supported by the Critical Hours Task Group of the Ottawa Child & Youth Initiative. Learn more about the task group's other work here and about all of the work of OCYI here.

icons of mastery:

Skill Development

safe & supported spaces

positive relationships

icons of practice:

Creative practice

Art   |   Theatre   |   Music

Academic practice

Numeracy  |  Literacy  |  STEM

health practice

Water   |   Nature   |   Food

The 3 Pillars

Over the last decade, we have seen a significant rise in the number and importance of afterschool programs, or “Homework Clubs,” for elementary and middle-school aged children. These programs fill the critical hours between when children and youth finish school, and the end of their parents’ work day. They rest on three foundational pillars which provide them with objective and direction, and are measures by which we can evaluate their success.

The pillars are: 1) Skill development; 2) Safe and supportive spaces; and 3) Positive relationships.

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