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Offline & Connect
Participants are introduced to the idea that “hot” emotional states like anger or excitement, can make it more difficult to control their actions. As well, they will discuss the concept of empathy and look at the way in which digital communication can make it difficult for us to feel it for others.

Offline & Connect
Help your participants to become more aware of the language and techniques used in print advertising, as well as the impact of advertising on their daily lives.

Healthy & Active
For groups to work together and find their own activity treasure, and then do the activity as a group.

Friends & Mentors
For participants to learn more about the other participants and share facts about themselves.

Team up and face down in a friendly trivia match.

Feeling & Expressing
Participants will work on a variety of fundamental skills as they engage in the many quick games in this activity.

Thinking & Engaging
Participants create name acronyms for their name, a family member’s name, a friend’s name, a TV/movie/book character’s name, a historical figure’s name, a musician/actor’s name, an animal and so on.

Thinking & Engaging
Participants that are selected will disguise their voices when saying a word or phrase to a participant that cannot see them, and that participant tries to guess who said that word or phrase to them.

Thinking & Engaging
For participants to discuss different scenarios they may face, and to decide if it is healthy, unhealthy, or if it is unknown.

Thinking & Engaging

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