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Offline & Connect
Participants are introduced to the idea that “hot” emotional states like anger or excitement, can make it more difficult to control their actions. As well, they will discuss the concept of empathy and look at the way in which digital communication can make it difficult for us to feel it for others.

Offline & Connect
Help your participants to become more aware of the language and techniques used in print advertising, as well as the impact of advertising on their daily lives.

Healthy & Active
For participants to guide their partner to the correct locations and objects outdoors and do the designated activity at that object.

Feeling & Expressing
Participants will work on a variety of fundamental skills as they engage in the many quick games in this activity.

Thinking & Engaging
Encourage children to read a variety of texts – including articles, facts, jokes and more!

Involved & Inclusive
Ask your children if they want to go outdoors for a hike, and you’ll likely hear groans of protest as they turn back to their screens. Invite them on a high-tech treasure hunt for a geocache, and they’ll start peppering you with questions as they put on their shoes and head for the door.

Feeling & Expressing
A wonderful way to encourage you to combine three activities, each focusing of different areas of skill development, into one fun-themed day.

Participants will explore the phenomenon of “viral video” circulating on the internet, the accompanying images, words, stories, etc., their impact on society, their accuracy, validity, and reliability, and the importance of cautious and safe internet surfing.