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Have some science fun with eggs, then maybe eat them after.

Feeling & Expressing
Participants will work on a variety of fundamental skills as they engage in the many quick games in this activity.

Thinking & Engaging
In this practical craft-meets-science activity, participants will learn about the viscosity of two liquids and what that means when other objects flow within them.

Thinking & Engaging
Participants get familiarized with the various sounds animals make as they search for their matching pair.

Thinking & Engaging
Children create and use a cipher disk to encode a message; their partner decodes the message.

Thinking & Engaging
Encourage children to write a word or letter then watch it disappear and reappear before their very eyes.

Thinking & Engaging
In this short activity, participants will understand how the hearing abilities of owls help them to eat and survive.

Thinking & Engaging
In this short activity, participants will understand how the physical appearance of animals found in nature can determine their chances of survival.

Healthy & Active
Participants will discuss concepts relating to food chains/webs, show an understanding of the requirements for living things, identify living and non-living factors that influence animal populations in the wild, and describe how living things depend on one another for survival.

Involved & Inclusive
Ask your children if they want to go outdoors for a hike, and you’ll likely hear groans of protest as they turn back to their screens. Invite them on a high-tech treasure hunt for a geocache, and they’ll start peppering you with questions as they put on their shoes and head for the door.

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