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Thinking & Engaging
See how a few materials can help us to calm down.

The participants use their creative spirit and create their own design using the beginning of a drawing provided.

Feeling & Expressing
Participants will work on a variety of fundamental skills as they engage in the many quick games in this activity.

Thinking & Engaging
Each participant will get a section of a picture that they have to re-create and draw on a separate piece of paper. When all the participant’s pictures are put together, it will be a re-creation of the original picture/drawing, and their very own masterpiece.

Thinking & Engaging
Participants will create their own drawing using the required shapes.

Thinking & Engaging
In this practical craft-meets-science activity, participants will learn about the viscosity of two liquids and what that means when other objects flow within them.

For participants to use their creativity and paint while listening to different types of music and songs.

Involved & Inclusive
Get children involved in preparing for a talent show – integrate literacy in a variety of ways.

Thinking & Engaging
This activity allows children to practice writing, spelling and storytelling.

Thinking & Engaging
Hosting a book party is a great way to get children excited about reading.

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