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Have some science fun with eggs, then maybe eat them after.

Feeling & Expressing
Participants will work on a variety of fundamental skills as they engage in the many quick games in this activity.

Involved & Inclusive
Teach children about foods from around the world, by asking them to create and present a commercial for their international restaurant.

Thinking & Engaging
Hosting a book party is a great way to get children excited about reading.

Healthy & Active
Participants will discuss concepts relating to food chains/webs, show an understanding of the requirements for living things, identify living and non-living factors that influence animal populations in the wild, and describe how living things depend on one another for survival.

Feeling & Expressing
A wonderful way to encourage you to combine three activities, each focusing of different areas of skill development, into one fun-themed day.

Encourage healthy eating with a challenge that anyone can get on board with. By setting a few guidelines and leaving the end choice to your participants, this activity is aiming to get young people more engaged in caring and knowing about what they eat.