Ten Seconds

Feeling & Expressing
Feeling & Expressing

To build up self-esteem and to create a positive atmosphere by giving and receiving positive comments.


  • Watch, clock, timer, stopwatch, or cellphone


Have you ever talked to someone who is unhappy about life and who constantly says negative things? The sad thing is that these people need friends but may be pushing people away by the words that they choose. Getting people to think positively about the world, their own lives, and most importantly about themselves is a big step towards building a healthy and happy self-esteem.


  1. Gather the group into a circle and ask for a volunteer to start the game. This person has ten seconds to say something positive, nice, complimentary, or uplifting either towards one person or the group.
  2. Continue around the circle so that everyone has a chance to say something positive. If anyone takes longer than ten seconds, says something negative, or repeats a positive comment previously stated by someone else, they are out. They may only return to the game once two other people have said something nice to them.


  • If you have a relatively large group, separate them into two smaller groups and instead of anyone being out, they continue playing by joining the other group.


  • Gestures such as hugging or high-fiving may count, but it is suggested that the facilitator assess the group dynamics for whether they comfortable as a whole with this kind of contact. Be sure to explain the importance of respecting personal spaces beforehand and advise the participants to ask before touching others.


  • Was it hard or easy for you to come up with positive comments?
  • How do negative words affect people? How do positive words affect people?
  • Do you need to hear more positive words or say more positive words?