Get the Chicken!

Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

Encourage the use of active listening skills, the ability to follow instructions, and participation in physical activity.


  • Rubber chicken or similar item that can be thrown


Organize your group into pairs and give each pair a number starting with 1 and counting upwards. Send each half of each pair to opposite side of the activity space. They are on opposing teams.


  1. The facilitator will throw the ‘chicken’ into the center of the activity space and call out a number. 
  2. The two participants whose numbers have been called, must race to the centre of the activity space and attempt to snatch the chicken before the other child does.
  3. The child who manages to grab the chicken must run it back to their side in order to obtain a point for their team. The child who does not grab the chicken must do his/her best to tag the other child before they bring the chicken to their side and if they are successful in tagging them, no point is awarded to either team.
  4. Continue playing rounds until every number has gone at least once.


  • Try calling more than one number and tossing more than one chicken.
  • Consider awarding points for cheering and positive encouragement.


  • Reinforce physical safety as participants rush in to retrieve the chicken as there is a potential for them to bump heads or injure themselves another way.


Reconvene and consider bring down the energy level of your group with a calming activity or short reflection.

Submitted by Osgoode Youth Association.