Rock, Paper Scissors, Hop!

Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

A twist on the popular Rock Paper Scissors game that encourages physical literacy and coordination, facilitates sportsmanship toward peers, and improves the value placed upon physical activity for self-expression and social interaction.


  • Hula hoops or baseball bases (lots)


Place the hula hoops onto the floor, forming a winding path, like an “S”.


  1. Divide your group into two teams and have each team line up in front of the hula hoop on either end of the path. The teams should be facing one another.
  2. The goal is for the participants to make it to the other side of the hula hoop path, resulting in a point for their team.
  3. When you yell “Go!” the participants at the front of each team must hop into each hula hoop along the path until they meet each other.
  4. When the participants meet, they must engage in a round of Rock Paper Scissors. The participant who wins will immediately continue hoping to the end of the path. The participant who loses must step out of the hula hoop and return to the end of their team’s line. As soon as the participant steps out, the participant next in line (of that team) must begin hopping to intercept the winning team.
  5. Once those participants, they must again engage in a round of Rock Paper Scissors and you can keep playing as long as you want.


  • If your group is particularly large, consider paying two separate games or, even better, divide them into smaller groups and adjust your hula hoop path to form a “Y” for 3 teams, an “X” for 4 teams, or a star for 5+ teams. In these formations, hoppers can choose to continue down the path they feel will earn their team a point.
  • If you find that participants are doing a lot of standing around, consider including other elements such as making the losers do 10 jumping jacks when they return to their team’s line.


  • Each participant’s physical ability will differ, so be sure to encourage a positive atmosphere with teams cheering on their hoppers.


Reconvence and consider bring down the energy level of your group with a calming activity or short reflection.

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