Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

An extremely active game that can be flexible in the amount of physical activity your participants want or need.


  • Dodgeball or similar ball


Arrange your group so that they are in a fairly close cluster at the centre of the playing area.


  1. Give each child a number starting with 1 and counting upwards. Select one child to begin with the ball as everyone else crowds around.
  2. The child with the ball tosses it straight into the air and shouts a number. Participants whose number was not called will begin to run away from the ball, while the child whose number has been called must try to catch the ball and yell STOP, at which point everyone else must stop running. 
  3. The child holding the ball is allowed to take up to three big steps towards any other child on the field and attempt to hit them with the ball, below the waist. If the child gets hit with the ball, they collect the letter S. When STOP is yelled, no child is allowed to dodge the ball; their feet must stay planted!
  4. If the child with the ball misses, they just start a new round by being the person who tosses the ball and call a number. The next times that the child gets hit with the ball, they will receive a P, then a U, and finally a D. Once someone has been hit enough times to spell the word SPUD, the game is over.


  • Speed up duration of the game with this twist: if the child with the ball throws it at another child and misses, they receive a letter. This way, someone will get a letter every round.
  • For each round you play, spell out a word different from SPUD and use the opportunity to introduce new words to your participants. It is recommended to keep the word at a 4-letter length as anything shorter or longer will result in a shorter or longer game, respectively.


  • Reinforce the importance of throwing the ball below the waist to minimize chance of head injuries. You could also include as part of the activity rules that any throws above the waist are subject to receiving a letter (if is something your group struggles with).
  • Similarly, reinforce the importance of “light” throws that are not painful upon impact. 


Reconvence and consider bring down the energy level of your group with a calming activity or short reflection.

Submitted by Osgoode Youth Association.