Bubble Deep Breathing

Feeling & Expressing
Feeling & Expressing

Excellent as an opening activity, transition after an exciting game, or grounding activity after a stressful event, this activity uses bubbles to encourage deep breathing techniques to regain calmness and clarity and regulate emotions.


  • Several container of bubbles


After a a high energy game, it’s always a good idea to slow ourselves down so we feel prepared to move on to the next activity. This same concept applies in everyday life. When we feel frustrated or upset and it seems like things are out of control, we can control our breathing. Slow and deep inhales and exhales will physically slow us down and in turn regulate our emotions, allowing us to make the best decisions possible in any given situation.


  1. Distribute the containers of bubbles to each participant.
  2. Instruct the group to attempt to blow a bubble while they are shallow breathing.
  3. Next, instruct the group to take a long deep inhale and slow exhale in an attempt to blow a bubble.


  • Consider making plant fossils. Take your group out for a walk, collect some leaves, and press one into the salt dough.
  • Your participants could also press their own hands, or feet, into the dough. This could be an excellent way to see how much they grow if you repeated it each year they returned to programs.


  • Minimize any distractions during this activity. Make sure to reinforce a quiet atmosphere.


  • Did you notice how blowing a bubble was impossible with shallow breaths?
  • Did you notice that the deeper and slower the breath, the bigger the bubble or more bubbles that could be produced?

Somerset West Community Health Centre.

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