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Friends & Mentors
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Feeling & Expressing

A reuasble activity that gets participants to pay attention the things they learn, feel, and look forward to.


  • Large banner paper


Partner off your group and have each pair trace the outline of their partner as they lie down on the banner paper.


  1. Instruct participants to write down three things  and place each one on the head, heart or feet of their drawing:
  2. For the head, write down one new thought you had during the session or a new thing you learned.
  3. For the heart, write down an emotion you experienced and why.
  4. For the feet, write down one thing you will take away and act on in the coming week.
  5. Use these same drawings everytime your do this activity as a way for participants to pay attention to the things they learn, feel, and forward to.


  • Try the visual version of this activity where, instead of writing down the three things, participants draw something that represents the three things.
  • For older or more comfortable groups, divide the group into pairs and give each pair two huge sheets of banner paper and have each participant trace the outline of their partner. Instead of doing the activity reflecting on themselves, participants will reflect on their partner. If they haven’t previously learned the following items about their partner, they are encouraged to ask question during the activity:
    - Head: draw/write something they learned about their partner.
    - Heart: draw/write a positive emotion that reminds them of their partner.
    - Feet: draw/write something that they are good at.


  • Do this activity as a silent individual reflection activity if your group is not yet comfortable with one another, and otherwise do not force anyone to share their reflections.
  • If your group is comfortable with sharing, be sure to enforce a positive and non-judgmental atmosphere and interrupt any negative language or inappropriate laughter.


As this is a wrap-up activity in and of itself, you may choose to move on to the next activity of end program right after, but you can also have the group share their thoughts with one another.

Submitted by Osgoode Youth Association. Originally sourced from the University of Minnesota. “Quality Matters Toolkit.”

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