Racing my Emotions

Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active
Feeling & Expressing
Feeling & Expressing

As a creative twist on a race using emotions, this activity allows participants to explore a wide range of emotions, they are able to release pent up feelings and relieve stress.  They are able to role play and be active at the same time.



This is a creative recreation game and participants could really enjoy the role playing aspect. It promotes team spirit and friendly competition. Children have the chance to express different emotions and see how others express them. 


  1. Divide your group into equal team members and select one from each team to be the “emotion dealer”.
  2. Instruct the team to line up approximately 15-20 feet from their corresponding “emotion dealer”.
  3. Distribute the Deck of Emotions amongst the emotion dealers.
  4. When the facilitator yells “GO,” the first member of each team must then rush to their emotion dealer who will then give them an emotion card.
  5. The team member must perform a sound and a movement that represents the given emotion.
  6. After performing this three times, they can then run to the end of their group’s line, signaling the next team member to go.
  7. Continue until all team’s members have gone.


  • doing it three times, their group must guess what the emotion is. When the group successfully guesses, then the participant can run back and the next can go.
  • Alternatively, when the group successfully guesses, the emotion dealer must give the Deck of emotions to the performing team member and run to the end of their team’s line. The performer becomes the emotion dealer and the emotion dealer joins the group at a chance to perform.


  • Some participants may take the game further than others and may inappropriately express negative emotions, while other may feel uncomfortable with some exaggerated emotions. Be sure to reinforce acceptance and tolerance, as well as a free and non-judgmental space.


After ending the activity, reconvene for a brief reflection by posing to them some questions like:

  • Was is easy or difficult to catch the tail? Why or why not?
  • Was is easy or difficult to stay away from the head? Why or why not?
  • Was is easy or difficult to keep your place in the snake? Why or why not?
  • Could you work together? Did you help the head catch the tail or the tail stay away from the head?

Submitted by Somerset West community Health Centre.