Re-enact the Picture

Friends & Mentors
Friends & Mentors

Participants recreate different pictures using themselves, props and other material/equipment they need to create objects in the picture.


  • Pictures (could print off pictures in the media, ads, popular pictures, pictures/stills from movies/tv shows, or any sort of picture participants can recreate), or participants can bring in their own pictures from the past or any pictures they have.
  • Camera
  • Any equipment or props that could be used for the pictures.
  • Consent form to allow leaders to take pictures of the participants (if necessary).


Have pictures printed out or brought in that participants will recreate. Have equipment prepared that participants can use as props, or to make props.


  1. The leader could have pictures printed out or brought in pictures that participants can recreate.
  2. Participants can select a picture and then be given time to create their own props, costumes, background and whatever they want to create for the picture.
  3. Not all participants have to be a person in a picture, some participants could be objects, animals and whatever else is required. 
  4. They will pose and the leader takes the re-created picture of the participants.
  5. The pictures can be a still shot from a movie, advertisements, popular pictures in the media, well known paintings/drawings, pictures participants bring from home and so on.
  6. For example, take the front cover picture for the movie “The Sandlot” and participants can recreate that picture. Or take a scene or still from one of the “Harry Potter” movies. Take an ad from a magazine or somewhere on the internet. 
  7. Allow participants to get into groups and select their own picture.
  8. If there is no camera, then allow participants to pose for 10 seconds (or more) for the other participants. 
  9. Encourage participants to be as creative as possible when creating props, selecting what participants will be in the picture and posing for the picture.


  • Have participants select a movie, and then they will find their own picture from that movie to recreate.
  • Have participants select a theme, such as animals, sports, summer, school and so on, and they have to find a picture that relates to that theme.


  • Ensure participants choose appropriate picture, and that when they pose it is not in a way where they can injure themselves or another participant.


Consider encouraging participants to go home and try out the activity with their families and friends and to share the resulting photos next time in programs with their peers.