Three Noses

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Friends & Mentors
Feeling & Expressing
Feeling & Expressing

This activity is only about participants being prepared and comfortable in their own bodies, but also about learning to be comfortable sharing spaces with one another.


  • No materials are needed for this activity.


To get physically warmed up; to connect with peers in the room and to be aware of the space that we share; to joyfully and generously work together to achieve goals; to accept offers of all kinds, whether physical, verbal or otherwise.


  1. Participants walk around the room aimlessly until you call out a number and a body part (ie. 3 noses).
  2. At that point, participants will then group up according to the number you called and touch together the body part you also called.
  3. Keep everyone playing by giving out points to the first group formation and removing points for the last group formation.


  • Try the elimination version: the person (or group) that gets into formation last, is out. Play until there is a winner.


  • Stress that participants should use good judgment and caution when coming together, but that enthusiasm is key.
  • Be strategic with the body parts you call and be aware that a participant may not at all be comfortable with the body part of being in close proximity with other. At any time, participants can opt out of a round by exercising their right to say no and feel safe. This is a great opportunity for you to observe their comfort levels and foster their self-confidence.


After ending the game, reconvene for a brief reflection by posing to them some questions like:

  • Did you feel comfortable the whole time? Why or why not?
  • What did you learn about yourself?

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