Gold Rush

Friends & Mentors
Friends & Mentors

Use teamwork to get the gold!


  • Skipping ropes
  • Hoops
  • Balls


On one side of the obstacle course place skipping ropes in a staggered line (first skipping rope will create the letter “L”, second will create the letter “U”, and so on to spell “lucky” [Luck of the Irish - said in a (bad) Irish accent]) Next there will be at least one set up of 6-10 hoops for fast feet (and it will be the secret tunnel that leads to the treasure). In front or near the hoops, dedicate an area for all the treasure (beanbags). Then there will be a four-leaf clover field (tennis balls, or only green beanbags) In front of the clover field, place a pylon that will be 10-15 feet (or so) away from the pot o’ gold (basket, bucket, garbage etc.)


  1. Divide participants into 2-5 groups (each group will have a different colour beanbag, aka their treasure)Each participant is a leprechaun, and they are on a mission to collect all their treasure (beanbags) and throw them into the pot of gold!
  2. Participants will start by skipping around the “lucky” skipping ropes. They will skip on one side of the “L”, and then skip to the other side of the “U”, and so on.
  3. They will then run to the hoops set up for fast feet and run/hop through. These hoops are the secret tunnel that will lead them to their treasure.
  4. When they get out of the tunnel (hoops), they will run to the treasure (beanbags). Participants can collect from 1-3 of their group’s treasure (specific colour beanbag).
  5. Participants will place these on their head and have to balance them as they walk through the four-leaf clover field (an area covered with tennis balls or green beanbags). No hands allowed!
  6. If any of the beanbags fall off their head, they will leave them where they fall and keep going.
  7. When they get to the throwing pylon, they will take all the beanbags that are left on their head, and create their own rainbow by tossing these beanbags to the bucket/bin (pot o’ gold) that is placed 10-15 feet in front of the pylon.
  8. If any beanbags miss the pot o’ gold, they will leave them where they are and go through the course again. 
  9. There will be one participant for each group that is responsible for collecting the dropped/missed beanbags and put them back in the treasure area. They will also be there to guide the participants walking through the clover field, and supporting and motivating all group members. Or if a treasure falls, the participant has to collect it and drop all the treasure back into the treasure area and start the obstacle course again.
  10. The first group to get all of their treasure into the pot o’ gold wins!


  • Take out, add, or alter some obstacles.
  • Set up two of these obstacle courses, and the group to get all of their treasure, or the most treasure after a set amount of time in the pot o’ gold will win.


  • Remind participants to be careful as they walk through the “four-leaf clover” field, and to go slow and concentrate on balancing. Remove any safety hazards and obstacles from the activity area. Remind participants to be aware of their surroundings and to keep their head up.


No wrap-up is necessary for this activity.

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