Human Knot

Involved & Inclusive
Involved & Inclusive

You can draw a parallel between the human knot activity and the anti-racism work that you are about to undertake with the group.


  • No materials are required for this activity.


You can also explain that racism is a sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with by an audience that is willing to do all the things that enabled them to untangle the circle, otherwise your work will lead the group to get frustrated and confused.


  1. Tell each student to extend their right hand and clasp someone else’s hand. Tell each student to do the same with their left hand. Make sure each student is holding the hands of two different people.
  2. Tell the students that they must untangle the knots to form circles. Remind them that they cannot let go of either hand they are holding. Only offer help if really needed.


  • Get creative and make modifications to suit your group.


  • Encourage light hand-holding so as to prevent injury.


  • How were you able to untangle the knot? What worked and what did not? (Some of the answers you might be looking for are listening, sharing ideas in a respectful manner, cooperation, avoiding shoving or pushing, avoid being frustrated, patience, etc.)
  • What would you do differently if you had to do the activity again? (Try to look for answers that reinforce the answers you were looking for in the first question.)

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