Thinking & Engaging
Thinking & Engaging

Reinforcing letters of the alphabet and building vocabulary and listening skills.


  • No materials are required for this activity. 


Let's get active and wordy!


  1. Divide the group into pairs and assign a letter to each pair. 
  2. Instruct the group to form two lines, pairs facing one another, and sit down with their feet outstretched and touching their partner’s. The group has now formed a ladder, with each pair representing the rungs of the ladder. Ensure that there about 1.5- 2 feet of space between each rung. 
  3. When ready, call out a letter that will signal the pair assigned to that letter to get up, run down the ladder (to their left), around to the outside of the ladder, to the top, around to the inside, and down, finally returning to their original positions. 


  • Try calling out words which begin with the pairs’ assigned letter.
  • Try calling out more than one pair.
  • If safety is a huge concern with your group, have the pair sit cross-legged, leaving a ton of space between them, and use other objects to represent the rungs (ie. hula hoops).


  • Participants will be stepping over one another’s legs during this activity, which can be extremely dangerous if they aren’t careful. Encourage them to take their time and remind them that it isn’t race; it’s to have fun!


A wrap-up isn’t necessary for this activity.

Sourced from: Page, Dave and Maksimowski, Sophie. “Games and Activities for Reading Circles.” Frontier College.