Stand Up, Sit Down

Involved & Inclusive
Involved & Inclusive

Helping to facilitate peer bonding and positive group dynamics by participating in an activity that allows them to learn things about one another and highlight commonalities.


  • No materials are required for this activity. 


We can learn so much from each other even without speaking one word.


  1. Have the group begin sitting down in a circle.
  2. Explain the group that you will say a statement and if it applies to them, they will stand up. If it doesn’t apply, they should sit down. If they are already standing when the statement applies or they are already sitting when it doesn’t apply, they do nothing.
  • Can curl your tongue up?
  • Are left-handed?
  • Are double-jointed?
  • Have siblings?
  • Did something you didn’t think you could do?
  • Learned a new skill in the past year?
  • Like to cook?
  • Have ridden a horse?
  • Have a birthday in the summer/winter/spring/fall?
  • Like spicy food?
  • Wanted to do something but were afraid to try?
  • Tried something new, even though you were nervous?
  • Have a pet?


  • You could allow your group to expand upon their answers or demonstrate the skill (ie. Have a pet? Yes, it’s a dog named Lucy).


  • Participants will be stepping over one another’s legs during this activity, which can be extremely dangerous if they aren’t careful. Encourage them to take their time and remind them that it isn’t race; it’s to have fun!


After ending the activity, reconvene for a brief reflection by posing to them some questions like:

  • What was something you learned about someone?

Sourced from: Croll, Ann and Langill, Corrine. “Warm Up Activity: Stand Up/Sit Down.” Healthy Transitions: Facilitator Resource Guide.