Alphabet Hunt

Thinking & Engaging
Thinking & Engaging
Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

In this word hunt, children are able to practice vocabulary, phonological awareness and reading skills while being active.


  • Large alphabet letters
  • Paper
  • Markers


Letter, word, and a scavenger hunt will help your participants improve upon their vocabulary skills.


  1. Hide the large alphabet letters around the room or yard.  You may also write words on paper and hide these.
  2. In teams or individually, have children search for as many letters or words that they can find.
  3. When the letters are found, have them read the letters or words. 


Make this a group activity by creating teams.

Depending on the group of children, you may choose to either use letters or words.

Use words of varying difficulties and lengths to match the skill level of your group.

Increase the level of physical activity by including a timer.


  • There are no foreseeable safety concerns for this activity.


  • Which letter was the most difficult to find?

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