Hoop that Letter

Thinking & Engaging
Thinking & Engaging
Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

Children practice reading and alphabet knowledge while playing an active game with hula hoops.


  • Large alphabet letters
  • Hula hoops
  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Tape


A combination of physical activty and brain activity to learn some literacy, sometimes making movements with our bodies will help us to understand and something better and quicker.


  1. Create a starting line with tape or a skipping rope.
  2. Lay out the large alphabet letters at different distances from the starting line. You can also write out words on paper.
  3. Have children toss the hoops and try to get a hoop land on a letter (or word).
  4. Once hooped, have them read aloud their letter (or word) and the sound it makes. 


  • Use words of varying difficulties and lengths to match the skill level of your group.
  • Create a point system for the letters depending on the distance away from the starting line.
  • For older groups, ha ve them say a word bgining with their hooped letter.


  • Ensure that the throwing area is clear of people before throwing and discourage participants from throwing the hoops too hard or too high so as to avoid injuries.


Was there a letter that was difficult to identify or say?

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