Picture Bingo

Thinking & Engaging
Thinking & Engaging

Children use listening skills and a visual cue to mark down the corresponding word on their bingo card. 


  • Marker or bingo dabber


When your participants don’t have any homework to work one, bring them outside lead them in this fun, active, yet educational, activity.


  1. Fill up balloons with water.
  2. Divide the children into 2 teams and ask them to make 2 lines, facing each other.
  3. One group is the hoop and holds their hand in a circle in front of their body. The hoops do not move.
  4. The other group is the basketball players. They each begin with one water balloon.
  5. One at a time in the line, the players toss their water balloon into the hoop.
  6. Each time one of the players misses, the group earns a letter in the word “water”.
  7. Once they have spelled “water”, the teams switch. The hoops are now the basketball players.    


  • You may change the word they have to spell depending on group size and creativity.


  • Ensure that the throwing area is clear of people before throwing and discourage participants from throwing the balloons too hard or too high so as to avoid injuries.


  • What words should we spell next time?

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