Balance Levels

Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

Participants balance and try to keep the beanbag(s) on their head and not let them drop.


  • Beanbags
  • Stopwatch
  • Rope/Cones (optional)


Each participant will start with one beanbag. Use the lines in the gym or set up lines using rope and cones for the different levels.


  1. Have all participants start on a line at the end of the gym or at a rope/cones set up outdoors. Make sure participants are spread out.
  2. Each participant starts with one beanbag.
  3. They put the beanbag on their head and they have to try and keep it up there.
  4. The leader will tell the participants to lift their left (or right) foot off the ground and put the sole of their foot against the inside of the opposite leg. Other balancing instructions:

    Participants have to keep their hands crossed across their chest.
    Hold their hands in the air.
    Close their eyes (for a short amount of time).
    Swing their leg back and forth.
    Clap their hands 5 times.
    Sing Happy Birthday
    Do the Y-M-C-A hand movements

  5. They’ll hold it there for 15 seconds (or so, the time is up to the leader).
  6. Then put their foot down and do the same to the opposite foot.
  7. At the end of the time or that round, all participants that still have their bean bags on their head will step forward and go to the next line in the game. This can be a line in the gym or a line set up outdoors.
  8. If a participant drops their beanbag, then they stay at the first line for the next round.
  9. When a participant moves up a level (line), they get another bean bag and now have to balance two beanbags.
  10. Have the participants do the same balancing or the leader can change the type or length of balance for each round.
  11. If a participant in the second line drops a beanbag, then they go back to the first line for the next round. 
  12. Participants that don’t drop a beanbag then move forward to the next line and collect another beanbag. 
  13. First participant(s) to make it to a certain line wins, or play for a set amount of time or rounds.


  • Have participants stand on one foot for as long as they can. Top 5 participants move on to the next round (for example).
  • Have participants stand in small circles, and they have to toss a beanbag or a ball to each other while balancing on one foot.


  • Ensure participants are spaced out in the lines.
  • Remove any safety hazards from the activity area.


  • How can you improve your balancing skills?

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