Celebrity Match Game

Thinking & Engaging
Thinking & Engaging

A fun twist on an old show. 


  • Pieces of paper
  • Pen
  • Hat or bucket
  • Small dry-erase boards (one per celebrity) or several sheets of paper
  • Markers
  • Costumes and various character objects


Maybe you’ve see the old TV show, maybe you haven’t. Either way, this activity gets the laughter flowing as staff have fun dressing up and acting like famous characters and participants try to guess what they might say.


  1. Divide your participant group into groups of about five, and designate a leader for each team.
  2. Position the groups to sit on the floor or on chairs.
  3. Assemble a panel of volunteers/staff to act as “celebrities” for this activity.  They can personify real, live celebrities like Britney Spears, fictional or animated characters like Mickey Mouse, or completely invent a new character. Whatever they choose, they should dress up as such.
  4. Position the panel of celebrities to sit on chairs in front and facing the participant groups.
  5. The facilitator writes down a series of fill-in-the-blank questions or statements, each on different pieces of paper, and places them in the hat.
  6. The facilitator, the Celebrity Match Game host, first briefly introduces the panel of celebrities by saying their name and a funny tidbit about them. The host then reads out one of the fill-in-the-blank statements and allots a few moments to each celebrity to write down on the dry-erase boards of sheets of paper, their answer to the question/statement.
  7. In terms of answers, celebrities can either give the “correct” answer or the an answer that best suits their character.
  8. During this time, the groups will come up with their own answer to the fill-in-the-blank, either what they think is the best or “correct” answer, or one they think will match one of the celebrities’ answers.
  9. Go around to collect and write down the answers from each team’s leader.
  10. After all answers have been written down, recommence the game by repeating the statement/question. In a random order, have each celebrity reveal their answer aloud and by showing it written down.
  11. If a team’s answer matches any one of the celebrities’ answers, they collect a point. 1 point will be allotted for each celebrity whose answer matches their team’s.
  12. Begin another round by selecting and reading another statement. Play as many rounds as you like.


  • Throughout the game, celebrities should act as their characters as best they can, using the appropriate voices and mannerisms.
  • Choose celebrities that are relevant or known to the participants. If they aren’t, consider having the host make introductions to each celebrity that includes a bit of their background or things their most known for.
  • This activity could be excellent under a specific educational theme like history (famous politicians or explorers) or science (well known astronauts or engineers) where participants could learn about the associated figures and events.
  • Consider having older youth participate as the panel of celebrities.


  • Minimal safety concerns. Be sure to reinforce an inclusive environment.


  • Who was your favourite celebrity?
  • Did you learn anything about that celebrity?
  • Did you find it better to give “correct” answers or character-specific ones?

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