Disguised Voices

Thinking & Engaging
Thinking & Engaging

Participants that are selected will disguise their voices when saying a word or phrase to a participant that cannot see them, and that participant tries to guess who said that word or phrase to them.


  • No materials are required for this activity.


Can you still identify your friends even when they sound funny?.


  1. Have your group stand in a circle.
  2. The leader will say the topic or question that the participants’ that were selected have to say with their disguised voice (high, low, raspy, and anything that makes their voice sound different). Examples of things to say and questions to answer:
  3.  Say “Applesauce” - Say “Saskatchewan” - Say “Prime Minister” - Say “Harry Potter” - Say “Fish and chips” - Say “Cup of tea” - Say “Pokemon”
  4. What is your favourite ice cream flavour? - What is your favourite animal? - What are your favourite two colours? - What is your favourite season and your least favourite season? - What is your favourite sport? - Name two planets. - Name two animals. - And so on.
  5. The leader will tell all participants to turn around so they are all facing outside of the circle and to close their eyes.
  6. The leader will then walk on the inside of the circle and select 2-4 participants. These participants are selected to be the voice disguisers.
  7. The voice disguisers will silently walk to another participant in the circle and tap them on the shoulder, that participant will raise their hand. The voice disguiser will then say the word, or answer the question in a disguised voice.
  8. When they finish saying the word or answer, they will walk back to their spot in the circle, turn around and close their eyes.
  9. When all selected participants are back, the leader will say, “Open your eyes and turn around”.
  10. The participants with their hands up will each have 2-3 tries to guess who said something to them.
  11. Play again!


  • Have each selected participant say the same word/phrase each round.
  • Have one participant stand in the middle and say the word/phrase, and then the group votes on who they think it was.


  • Since the activity is played on pavement, there is an increased risk for injury like cuts and scrapes. To minimize this, be sure to scan the playing area for dangerous items and reiterate rules of safety with your group.


  • If you guessed right, what things gave that person away?

Obtained from: http://activeafterschool.ca/activities/disguised-voices