Dress Me

Friends & Mentors
Friends & Mentors

To develop problem solving skills, cooperation, teamwork, verbal communication, and social comfort.


  • Two oversized short-sleeved shirts


Two teams of equal number each with a designated area.


  1. Divide players into two groups.
  2. Give each group an oversized T-shirt.
  3. Have one player from each team put the shirt on and then hold hands with another player on his/her team.
  4. The other members of the team have to then move the shirt from the first player onto the other.  (Eventually they will realize that the shirt must be turned inside out for this to work.  It also might help to have only one or two people transfer the shirt, for example the next players in line, but the other team members may instruct.)
  5. The player who is now wearing the shirt then takes the hands of a different player and the first player helps the rest of the team transfer the shirt.
  6. This continues until each member of the team has worn the shirt.
  7. The first team to transfer the shirt onto every member of them team wins.


  • This can be played with just one group instead of competing groups.


  • There are no foreseeable safety concerns for this activity.


  • Did you use any strategies to transfer the shirt?

Obtained from: https://www.playworks.org/game-library/dress-me/