Follow the Winding Line

Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

Participants follow their coloured chalk winding line from start to finish.


  • Different coloured pieces of chalk
  • Beanbags (optional)


Have different coloured chalk prepared and an open space on pavement/gravel to do this activity.


  1. The leader or participants will make different winding lines using the different coloured chalk.
  2. Have a starting line where each winding line will start, but make sure each winding line is a couple feet away from the other winding lines.
  3. Have a finish line as well that is around 10-15 or so feet away from the starting line.
  4. Participants or leaders will take their piece of chalk, and start at the starting line and begin their winding line and go all the way to the finish line.
  5. They can go any way they wish, make circles, make big and little curves, make it zigzag, and so on.
  6. The lines should all overlap, and it should be hard to tell which way each line goes.
  7. Could create more winding lines then there are participants.
  8. Have one participant start at each winding line at the starting line.
  9. They have to walk and follow their line all the way to the end. They will walk with one foot in front of the other trying to stay on the line like it is a balance beam. 
  10. If two participants’ lines cross and they are face to face with each other, they have to give each other a high five and communicate on how to get around each other. Or they play rock, paper, scissors and the loser has to either go back to the start or take 5 steps back and the winner continues walking along their winding line. 
  11. When all participants make it to the finish line, they can each select a different colour and go back walking along the different coloured winding line.
  12. Remind participants to keep their heads up and be aware of where the other participants are.
  13. To add a competition element to this activity, have one participant go at a time and they select a colour and the leader will time how long it takes them to get from one end to the other. 
  14. There could be more than one participant racing down their winding line, but make sure that they keep their heads up to avoid and prevent a collision. 


  • Participants could have to balance a beanbag on their head as they walk down their winding line. They cannot use their hands to hold the beanbag on their head. If the beanbag drops, they have to go back to the start, go back 5 steps, do 5 squats or another activity. Have objects or symbols along each line that represent an activity participants have to do. A square with a 3 in it means do 3 squats, a circle with a 5 in it means jump in the sky 5 times, a diamond with a 6 in it means do 6 heel raises.


  • Remove any safety hazards and obstacles from the activity area. Remind participants to be aware of their surroundings and to keep their head up.
  • Remind participants that they have to walk along the lines trying to balance and not to run.


  • What was something you learned about a friend?

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