Get the Point

Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

A minimally active game that gets you to exercise your reaction time and coordination.  


  • No materials are required for this activity.


Part of being physically active and healthy involves how well aware of your body you are. How quickly can you react to avoid being grabbed? How successfully can you initiate grabbing someone else?


  1. Instruct the group to stand in a circle.
  2. Have each participant hold out their right hand, palm up.
  3. Then, have each participant put the tip of their left pointer finger in the palm of the participant to their left.
  4. When you say, “Go,” the group will try to catch their neighbour’s finger in their palm, all while avoiding getting caught themselves.
  5. Play a few rounds, then switch hands.


  • Get creative and think up your own modifications.


  • Careful with grabbing one another’s fingers so as not to cause injury.


  • Was it easier to catch someone’s finger or to avoid being caught?
  • Did you get distracted from avoiding being caught while trying to catch others?
  • Was it difficult touching (or being touched by) someone else?
  • If you feel uncomfortable being touched by another person, how should you, and the rest of us, respond?
  • What guidelines could we make about touching others in order to make safe for everyone and acceptable by everyone?

Submitted by: Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre

Obtained from: Journey Toward the Caring Classroom Using Adventure to Create Community, pg.1018