Left, Right, Behind

Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

Participants stand in a circle and have to pass the sponges and other equipment in the correct way and direction.


  • Sponges
  • Beanbag
  • Tennis Balls
  • Water balloons (optional)
  • Bucket filled with water


Have participants stand in a circle. Have the sponges, tennis balls, beanbags, water balloons (optional) and bucket of water prepared.


  1. Explain to participants how to pass each object.
  2. Dry sponge: Pass to the participant on your right.
  3. Wet sponge: Pass to the participant on your left. If the sponge loses its wetness at anytime, the leader will take it from the game and put it in the bucket of water and then reintroduce it to the game.
  4. Beanbag: Pass behind your back to the participant on your right.
  5. Water Balloon (or tennis ball): Pass behind your back to the participant on your left.
  6. Start with just 1 dry sponge and have participants pass it once around the circle.
  7. Then add in a wet sponge.
  8. Then add in a beanbag.
  9. Once participants seem to be getting the hang of this, the leader can add in the water balloon.
  10. Could also add in more dry sponges, wet sponges and beanbags to make it an even more confusing, hectic and funny game!
  11. Could play with elimination. Have leaders be the referees of the game. If they see a participant pass the object in the incorrect way or direction, then they are out for the round.
  12. If a participant breaks a water balloon, they are out for the round.
  13. When a participant is out, they can help the leaders referee the game. 
  14. Before the elimination begins, make sure participants have had practice with all the different objects. 


  • Have participants pass an object under their leg to the participant beside them, or have them pass it over their head (the wet sponge would be fun to do that pass with).
  • Have participants place the beanbag or wet sponge on top of the participant’s head to their right or left.


  • Ensure participants are not throwing the objects.


A wrap-up is not necessary for this activity.

Obtained from: http://activeafterschool.ca/activities/left-right-behind