Stuck on You Like Glue

Healthy & Active
Healthy & Active

Participants to work together in pairs to “glue” the body part(s) that was called as quickly as possible.


  • Pylons and/or rope (optional)


Use the lines in the gym, or create two lines using pylons or rope that are approximately 8 metres away from each other. Have participants get into pairs and get each pair to decide if they are A or B. All the A’s will line up on one line and all B’s line up on the other line, standing across from their partner.


  1. Have all participants standing across from their partner. 
  2. The leader will call out a body part(s) and partners must run to each other and glue/stick that body part(s) together.
  3. If the leader calls out “Glue your elbows”, then all pairs must run to each other and glue their elbows together.
  4. Participants then go back to their lines.
  5. The leader could call two body parts and pairs must glue both body parts together.
  6. For example, the leader calls out “Glue your feet and knees”. Pairs run to each other and glue their feet and knees together. 
  7. When participants have done it a couple times, add in the elimination challenge.
  8. The last pair to glue the required body part(s) together are eliminated.
  9. Have participants who are eliminated help determine who the last pair to glue together the required body part(s) is.
  10. Play until there is only one pair remaining.
  11. They can then be the callers for the next round.


  • Could add challenges where two pairs have to glue body parts together. For example the leader could say “Two pairs have to glue their hands together”. Any two pairs have to then glue their hands together.
  • Could have participants find a new partner and continue the game with them. For example, the leader says “Find a new partner and glue your knees together”.
  • Don’t do elimination.
  • Encourage those with disabilities to participate to the extent that they can, emphasizing safety and providing additional support as necessary. Remember that some participants with disabilities may lack comparable speed and dexterity. Try to gear the body parts which are “glued” to correspond with the strengths of these participants.


  • Remind participants to slow down before gluing body parts together, so they don’t hurt each other.
  • Remove any safety hazards and obstacles from the play area. Remind participants to be aware of their surroundings and to keep their head up.


No wrap-up is necessary for this activity.

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