Partner Orienteering

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For participants to guide their partner to the correct locations and objects outdoors and do the designated activity at that object.


  • Blindfolds
  • Sheets of paper with locations listed
  • Pen or pencil
  • Activities written and taped on a beanbag (or other object), at each location
  • Any additional equipment required for the activities


Before starting this activity, look at the area outdoors that can be used. Select 5-10 different objects that can be used as locations for the orienteering, and that are in the same area and in sight of the leaders. Locations could be: a tree, a rock, a bench, a slide, a bush, home plate at a baseball diamond, a soccer net, a basketball net, a pole, and so on. Write down each location, or draw a picture of each location on a sheet of paper and leave space next to each one. Photocopy this sheet for each pair. For each location, think of an activity that the participants have to do, and write it out or type it up. Tape one activity on each beanbag, and place one at each location right before the activity begins. Examples of activity are listed in the step-by-step section. Have participants get into partners, or select the partners.


  1. One partner will start blindfolded, and the other partner will start as the guide.
  2. Each pair will be given a piece of paper with the locations written or drawn on and a pen or pencil. 
  3. The goal for each pair is to go to each location and do the activity that is taped on the beanbag at that location. Example of activities:
  4. Each partner does 20 jumping jacks.
  5. Blindfolded participant does 5 hops on one foot, and the guide does 15 on one foot.
  6. Each partner has to do 10 squats.
  7. If at a tree; each participant has to do 10 tree push ups.
  8. Have soccer balls at one location, and participants have to pass to each other 3 times. So the guide has to help the blindfolded participant in receiving a pass and kicking the ball.
  9. Place beanbags at a location, and participants have to make 3 passes to each other.
  10. Each partner has to do high knees for 20 seconds.
  11. Partners will sit back to back on the floor with their legs stretched out, and they have to stand up together, without using their hands.
  12. Partners will come up with their own secret handshake, which has to have at least 3 different steps.
  13. Blindfolded participant has to balance on one foot for 15 seconds.
  14. The guide participant will have to communicate with their partner to tell them where to go, which way to turn, to stop for another participant and so on, but they cannot touch or move them to help guide them.
  15. Participants will go to each location, do the activity and write down the activity they did at each station on the sheet of paper.
  16. There is no set order of which locations participants have to go to first. 
  17. Once they go to all locations, they go to the beginning, and switch roles.
  18. The former guide will now be blindfolded, and the blindfolded participant will now be the guide. 
  19. Continue until all pairs have completed the stations.


  • Can write the activities on the sheet of paper next to the location, and participants do the activity when they get to that location. They can collect their team’s coloured beanbag, or object, from each location when they complete the activity.
  • Do this indoors and place objects around the gym or a room.


  • Ensure the guide participants are always very vigilant and aware of their surroundings and their partner.
  • Remind participants the importance of clear communication.
  • Remove any safety hazards and obstacles from the area.


  • How do you lead your partner to the locations? Strategies?
  • Was it easy or difficult?
  • What might you do differently next time? 


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