Ropes and Pinnie Slides

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Thinking & Engaging
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Healthy & Active

Participants exercise their coordination skills as they play a life size version of Snakes and Ladders, climbing ropes and falling down the slippery “pinnie slide”.


  • Dice (or numbers written on pieces of paper and placed in a bowl)
  • Hoop
  • Ropes (skipping ropes)
  • Pinnies


Place 5 (or so) hoops in 5 (or so) rows. The bottom left hoop will be the starting hoop. Place ropes going from one hoop and up to another hoop (the ladder). Place a pinnie at one hoop, and then a rope leading down to another hoop with a pinnie. The pinnies are slippery, and the participants will “slide” down them. Participants will get into pairs.


  1. Participants will get into pairs and decide which participant will start as the game piece and which participants will start as the roller.
  2. The rollers will play rock, paper, scissors to determine the order, or have the tallest to shortest or the oldest to youngest and so on to determine the order.
  3. The first roller will roll the dice. Their game piece partner will jump the number of spaces the roller rolled.
  4. The direction the game pieces go are from left to right, then up one hoop, then right to left, then up a hoop and again left to right and so on.
  5. If a participant lands at the bottom hoop of a rope (ladder), then they climb to the hoop the rope goes to. In order to climb up the rope, they have to go on their hands and feet and crawl up (without their knees touching the ground).
  6. If a participants lands on the top hoop of a pinnie slide, then they have to “slide” down to the hoop that the slide lands in. Participants “slide” down by crab walking down the rope to the bottom hoop.
  7. When a participant gets to the last hoop, then they have completed one round of Ropes and Pinnie Slides. When they get through, they take the place of the roller and their partner now becomes the game piece and starts at the beginning hoop.
  8. The first pair to complete 4 rounds (in total) wins. 


  • Additional Exercise Rules: The roller participants will have to do an exercise after every roll, and the exercise depends on the number that was rolled. If the participant doesn’t do the exercise, then they miss their next turn.

    1 = 5 jumping jacks
    2 = 5 squats
    3 = Jog on the spot until their next roll
    4 = 10 heel raises
    5 = Hop on each foot 8 times
    6 = 5 push ups
  • Use other equipment than ropes and pinnies for the “ladders” and “snakes”. If two participants land in the same hoop, then they play rock, paper, scissors and the winner stays in the hoop and the loser goes back to the beginning. Use pylons instead of hoops, and participants can jump or hop from pylon to pylon.


  • When a participant is jumping into hoops, remind the other participants to get out of their way if they have to jump through a hoop they’re standing in. Remove any safety hazards and obstacles from the activity area. Remind participants to be aware of their surroundings and to keep their head up.


A wrap-up is not necessary for this activity.

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