What was their Answer?

Friends & Mentors
Friends & Mentors

The leader will privately ask participants questions about themselves, and their partner or group members will have to guess the correct answer when the game begins.


  • Piece of paper with questions for the participants
  • Pen/pencil
  • Index cards
  • Little white boards with white board markers (optional)


Have participants get into pairs or groups of three. The leader(s) will have a list of question prepared (please see the end of the step-by-step section for examples of questions).


  1. The goal for each pair/group is to answer the question about their partner correctly.
  2. Depending on the number of participants, all the pairs will play against each other. Or have half the groups play in one round and the other half in another round.
  3. The leader(s) will take one participant, or one participant from each pair to the side and ask them pre-determined questions about themselves. Those first participants will be the number 1 participant in their group, and they will all have the same questions. Example of questions:

    When is your birthday?
    How many siblings do you have?
    Do you have a pet? or What kind of pet do you have?
    What is your favourite subject in school?
    What is your favourite colour?
    Have you ever broken a bone?
    Would you rather be able to fly or walk through walls?
    What is your favourite season?
    What is your favourite holiday?
    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Would you rather draw or write?
    What is your favourite meal: Breakfast, lunch or dinner?
    What is your favourite fruit?

  4. The leader will write down each participant’s answer on the sheet of paper. Or give each number 1 an index card and they write down their answers on those cards.
  5. They will then take the next participant or next group of participants (number 2 in each group) and ask them different questions from the first participants. 
  6. Have participants do another activity while the other participants are being asked the questions.
  7. Or give each participant a sheet of paper with questions written on it, and they write down their answer next to each question. Have pairs/groups number themselves off and each sheet of questions will have a number 1, 2 or 3 written on the top to correspond to each participant.
  8. Make sure the partners do not see or hear any of their partner’s answers.
  9. When all participants have answered the questions, the game begins!
  10. Have the pairs or groups sitting at the front next to their partner/group.
  11. The leader will ask all the number 2 participants in each group a question that they asked their partner. Each number 2 could have a little white board or an index card where they write down their answer (with zero help from their partner!)
  12. One at a time they will reveal their answer and the other partner or leader will say if they are correct or incorrect.
  13. Do this for each partner. 
  14. If they are correct, they get a point for their team!
  15. When all the questions are asked for participant number 1, then the leader will ask the number 1 participant questions they asked the number 2 participant. 
  16. Continue until all questions are asked. 


  • Use your creativity to make modifications to suit your group.


  • If participants are in groups of 3, the other two participants will try to get more correct answers than the other participant.
  • Ask a question about one of the participants (number 1), and number 1 participant and number 2 participant will write down the answer (and what they think the answer is) at the same time.


  • What was something you learned about a friend?

Obtained from: http://activeafterschool.ca/activities/what-was-their-answer